Pressure Washer Detergents for Fleet/Equipment Cleaning

FC Rigshine (509)

Highly effective. Very economical. Tough on grease, grime, oils, resins, carbon deposits, rubber based soils. Contains rust protectants and complex wetting agents. Help restore faded paint surfaces.

Ideal for: Autos, RV's, trucks, trailers

Description: Red Liquid 11% Actives

Red Power (514)

Industrial, all-purpose cleaner for most any surface. Safe to use on food surfaces. Contains ScaleStop to protect your pressure washing equipment from scale build up.

Ideal for: Farm equipment, car, oil field, heavy truck

Application: Upstream, downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water

Brown Wonder (551)

Powerful industrial cleaner. Not for use on fine auto finishes, polished aluminum, magnesium, or galvanized metals.

Ideal for: Engines, fifth wheels, off-road equipment, construction equipment

Description: Brown liquid 17% Actives

NOTE: Corrosive label product, NEED TO DILUTE

Lumapolish (511)

High performance formula. Removes heady deposits of soiling and aluminum oxidation. Also removes smut from welding. Cleans most aluminum soils and gives back the shine and luster to aluminum metals. Contains a very heavy inhibitor to help protect polished aluminum.

Ideal for: Aluminum, polished aluminum, and stainless steel

Description: Clear liquid 22% actives

Application: Downstream, pre-spray, cold water

Luma Shine 2 (502)

One of the strongest products on the market. Great for 90%+ of aluminum brightening applications. One application can oxidized aluminum look brand new. Removes tough smoke, carbon, grease, oils, and built-up road film. Does NOT contain Hydrofluoric Acid. Not for use on polished aluminum, glass, or anodized aluminum. Industrial use only.

Ideal for: Aluminum Trailers

Description: Clear liquid. 32% Actives

Application: Downstream, pre-spray, cold water

Grease Cutter (503)

Attacks the most difficult cleaning projects. Works effectively as a pre-spray. Leaves an extremely clean surface that is free rinsing. Contains Scale Stop to protect machine systems from scale build-up. Helps restore faded paints.

Ideal for: Cars, trucks, fifth-wheels, mobile home. Aluminum metals, glass and most cleaning surfaces

Description: Red liquid. 20% actives. Ships UPS

Application: Upstream, downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water

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