Electric Pressure Washers for Sale

Turn Down the Volume on the Job

Electric pressure washers are popular these days, due to a combination of their easier use and lower prices than gasoline powered washers. Two favorite options for consumers everywhere. Electric pressure washers are generally relegated to residential use by homeowners and apartment complex managers and the larger units are used in commercial and indoor applications where power is available and combustion fumes are of concern.

Those can’t be the only two reasons for a spike in their popularity, though, can they? No. Electric washers are silent when the operator lets off the trigger, and significantly quieter than gas washers even when the operator depresses the trigger.


No matter the industry you work in, if a surface is coated with oil or grease, you need a reliable electric power washer to clear it off. Our electric pressure washers not only have the best prices, but can be used in a wide range of industries! 

The best Electric Pressure Washers are here in Chicago, IL - visit us today!