Hot Water Pressure Washers for Sale

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Your best bet for choosing a hot water or cold water power washer is to come into our shop and have one of our experienced employees help you decide what’s best for your line of work.

Here’s something to think about on your way here: are you washing away oils or grease? Anytime oils or grease are involved—such as with foods or large flat surfaces—you should be using a hot water pressure washer.

Both hot and cold water, when mixed with a detergent, help to lift the fats, oils, and greases from whatever surface you’re cleaning. The difference in efficacy is due to the hot water making the substances melt, whereas the cold water solidifies the substance.

Solidified fat’s particles are closer together, stopping the detergent from getting between being able to easily bond to and remove them from the surface you’re cleaning. Melted fat’s particles are in an excited state, making the molecules more loosely grouped so the detergent can easily penetrate and lift the fat from the surface being washed.

Hot water pressure washers have different mechanisms for heating the water and running the pump and engine. It takes gas to fuel your engine, while the water heater is run by a motor independent of the pump and engine.


Cleaning supplies and equipment which utilize water and pressure to clean surfaces can be used in a number of industries. From the automotive to energy to agricultural industries, these all-purpose cleaning machines are heavily sought after!

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