Hot & Cold Pressure Washers for Sale

Your best bet for choosing a hot water or cold water power washer is to come into our shop and have one of our experienced employees help you decide what’s best for your line of work.  Here’s something to think about on your way here: are you washing away oils or grease? Anytime oils or grease are involved—such as with foods or large flat surfaces—you should be using a hot water pressure washer.


Hot Water Pressure Washers

  • Clean Faster and Better!
  • Great for cutting through Grease and Oils
  • Runs both Hot & Cold
  • Pressure Ranges: 1000 PSI - 5000 PSI
  • Compatible with Detergents
  • Ideal for:

              • Heavy-Duty Machinery

              • Automotive

              • Agricultural Industry






Cold Water Pressure Washers

  • Great for removing Dirt and Soil
  • Affordable for Homeowners
  • Low Maintenance
  • Maneuverability
  • Pressure Ranges: 1000 PSI - 7000 PSI
  • Compatible with Detergents


When mixed with a detergent, both hot & cold water machines will become more efficient on whatever surface you’re cleaning.  While nothing is going to beat the combination of hot water and detergent you can still achieve enormous cleaning power from cold water when mixing in detergents.  Our detergents act as surfactants, breaking up hydrophobic oils and grease particles, and allowing them to be lifted from the surface you’re cleaning. Essentially, detergents make water wetter and more effective.


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