Pressure Washers & Equipment Rentals

Rent Pressure Washers & Equipment near Chicago in DuPage County

You don’t have to buy all your cleaning equipment. Let’s be honest about how often you use the things you own—not everything every day. Probably, some of the things you use rarely. Why pay to purchase an expensive item for only a few big jobs? Rent those big ticket contract cleaning items from Windy City Cleaning Equipment & Supplies.

We give free demonstrations before you leave the shop so you know exactly how to use the machine best:

  • Gas pressure washer rentals
  • Electric pressure washer rentals
  • Flat surface cleaner rentals
  • Hot water pressure washer rentals
  • Cold water pressure washer rentals
  • Softwash machine rentals

Why Rent from Windy City Cleaning?

Save Money

Save Space

No Maintenance

Renting equipment you need for only a few jobs costs a small fraction of the purchase price.

You give it back when you’re done—less clutter on the truck, in the office, everywhere!

We’ve already done any needed maintenance before you picked up the equipment.

Rent pressure washers & equipment in DuPage County



Why Get Regular Service/Maintenance?

Save Money

Peace of Mind

No More Surprises

Getting your machine serviced by Windy City Cleaning guarantees tip-top condition and drastically lowers the chances of unexpected breakdowns—you won't have to buy a new one for a while.

Be confident in the skills of Windy City Cleaning. We stand behind our work and gladly attach our name to every service/maintenance job we complete. Bring in your machine today.

We take the work out of washing. You don't need to constantly check the oil or pump seals if you regularly bring it into Windy City Cleaning for service. We check those things, and many more, for you.

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