Pressure Washer Detergents for Fleet/Equipment Cleaning

Brown Wonder (551)

Powerful industrial cleaner; yet biodegradable. Corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment.  Not for use on fine auto finishes, polished aluminum, magnesium, or galvanized metals.


Ideal for: Engines, Construction Equipment, Heavy-Duty


NOTE: Corrosive label product, NEED TO DILUTE

Raptor (528)

Industrial biodegradable detergent with natural citrus, safe to use on many types of metals.  Safe enough to also use on food surfaces.


Ideal for: Tractors, Off-Road Equipment

Luma Shine 2 (502)

One of the strongest products on the market, highly dilutable.  Does NOT contain Hydrofluoric Acid. Not for use on polished aluminum, glass, or anodized aluminum. Industrial use only.


Ideal for: Aluminum Trailers, Non-Ferrous Metals

Lumapolish (511)

High performance formula that will not attack metal surfaces or glass.  Can be used as Step 1 in a two-step process.  Use only as directed.


Ideal for: Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, Stainless Steel


Hydrofluoric based aluminum cleaner and brightener.  DO NOT USE on polished aluminum.  Use as Step 1 in conjunction with Pro-Clean for a two-step truck wash.


Ideal for: Tractor Trailer 2-Step Washing


Salt Blaster (235)

Powerful detergent formulated to remove damaging salt residue.  Works on a variety of ice melt products.  Leaves a protective coating after washing.


Ideal for: Snow Plows, Construction Equipment, Docks


Alkaline detergent that works as Step 2 in conjunction with Pro-Bright  for a two-step truck wash.  Can also be used alone as heavy-duty degreaser.  DO NOT USE with polished aluminum.


Ideal for: Tractor Trailer 2-Step Washing, Heavy Duty

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