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Windy City Cleaning Equipment Will Always Be More Reliable Than Craigslist!

Our pre-owned equipment options change more frequently than inventory straight from the manufacturers. Stop into our shop in West Chicago to see our full, up-to-date inventory of pre-owned pressure cleaning equipment. We test every used pressure washer, floor scrubber, or any other used equipment for functionality before putting it up for sale—and not just the parts visible when the product is sitting on the showroom floor. We can prove it, too.

FREE Product Demonstrations Before You Buy!

You wouldn’t buy a car without first taking it for a test drive. Don’t buy your cleaning equipment without first seeing it in action. We know this equipment is as important to your livelihood as it is to ours, and we have nothing to hide. All the information we have about the machines is freely shared with everyone who wants to know exactly what they’re getting.

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Where Does Our Used Inventory Come From?

Our lightly-used, pre-owned, and showroom model inventory comes from exactly those things.

We aren't buying pressure washers from the junk yard and fixing them up.



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