Contract Cleaning Equipment for Sale

Water Recovery Systems, Water Heaters, and More

You have the pressure washer, lance, spray gun, and nozzles. You have the contract. But the job requires an extreme amount of water and heat. It requires special duct cleaning materials. It requires supplies, tools, and equipment you don’t currently own. No worries. Windy City Cleaning Equipment & Supplies has you covered.

Contract cleaning is an environmentally-conscious industry. We do more than our fair share to keep the environment healthy. Water recovery vacuums are a great example—they collect, filter, and reuse the water you’ve just sprayed, preventing further drain on our natural resources.

Hot water also helps. How? It cleans faster than cold water, melting and loosening particulates that would otherwise not budge—like when washing dirty dishes. Windy City Cleaning Equipment has vertical and horizontal water heaters to keep your water hot and effective.

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