Chemical Injectors & Filters for Sale

Chemical Injectors and Filters for Sale

We know how hard it is to deal with deep stains without the help of chemicals. Windy City’s chemical injectors are the solution to the strongest stains and dirt. Check out our extensive supply of cleaning equipment for even more ways to combat the worst buildups.

Make sure to protect your washer as well with a pressure washer filter. Impurities in the water can cause damage over time to the nozzle, heater, and other parts. Filters are a great way to prevent damage and avoid spending a fortune on new parts.

Pressure Washer Chemical Filter
Chemical Injectors for Sale Near Chicago, IL
Water filter and tubing for pressure washers and soft wash chemical injection and filtration
Barbed Chemical Injectors for Sale Near Chicago, IL
Chemical Filter with Tubing for Sale Near Chicago, IL
Pressure Washer Chemical Filter for Sale Near Chicago, IL
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