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It happened again. Another leaky valve. Third time this month. Maybe your DIY efforts aren’t getting the job done for some reason. Windy City Cleaning Equipment & Supplies has the experience required to figure out what’s wrong with your power washer and make it breathe life back into it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as you overlooked a bur in the o-ring seating. Or it’s cavitation from dry-running because of poorly maintained filtration. Or any number of other complications ranging from ‘DIY’ to ‘SOS’ in toughness.




My Pressure Washer is Beyond Repair?

Look on the bright side; if your power wash or soft wash system is beyond repair, you don't have to buy a brand new replacement. Windy City Cleaning has pressure washers and equipment for rent and lease. You can even buy used pressure washer machines and supplies, all of which are maintained, inspected, and serviced by our hardworking staff. Free in-store product demonstrations before buying.

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Not everyone has the knowledge or time for repairing their own machines. We get it. You’re busy. Schedule an on-site service call or bring your machine to Windy City Cleaning for a great service experience. You might even learn a thing or two. Come pick up your machine, and ask for the diagnosis, probable causes for the problem, effects it has on other parts of the system, and what we did to repair it. You leave our shop armed with the equipment and knowledge to better understand how you fit into the industry.


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