Cold Water Pressure Washers for Sale

Residential & Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water power washers are best for cleaning off dirt and other non-oil and non-grease substances. When combined with detergents, their cleaning power is enormous. Detergents help by acting as a surfactant, breaking up the hydrophobic oil and grease particles, and allowing them to be lifted from the surface you’re cleaning. Essentially, detergents make water wetter and more effective.

The simplicity of the machines’ construction is one benefit to cold water pressure washers. They don’t require the same extra equipment or connections as hot water pressure washers. This makes them cheaper to manufacture and translates into cheaper prices for you, the customer.


Cold water pressure washers wipe away dirt and debris from surfaces with ease. When you work in an industry responsible for keeping products, parts, and machines clean, our cold water pressure washers are perfect for you!

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