CW Series : Cold Water Pressure Washer, Electric, Portable / Stationary, Belt Drive

The CW Series is a cold water pressure washer powered by an electric motor. The CW Series is a portable/stationary unit that is belt drive for maximum performance.




All Stainless Steel Construction:
Superior protection and corrosion resistance for use in industrial applications. Ideal for use where sanitary equipment is a must such as food processing or medical applications.

Industrial Duty Pump:
Industrial triplex ceramic plunger pumps exhibit long-lasting performance eliminating downtime and reducing routine maintenance.

Front Mounted Controls:
Front mounted controls for easy access and quick adjustments for multiple cleaning applications.

Auto On/Off with Adjustable Time Delay Shutdown:
Operator has total control over the system from the spray wand including pressure adjustment. This added convenience saves electricity, time, and effort while reducing pump wear.

Downstream Soap Injection:
Soaps and chemicals are introduced after the pump eliminating the risk of pump damage. Soap selection & volume controlled from the panel mounted soap knob and activated from the gun without returning to the machine. Inlet soap/float tank is an available option for most models.

EZ Align™ Belt System:
This belt tensioning system allows for easy belt adjustment with a single adjustment bolt, no need to reach underneath the washer.

High-Temperature Inlet Water Compatibility:
Standard high temp pump rating of 165°F on all models makes it easy to supply the washer with hot water from your existing water heater, boiler, or other hot water source. This helps you clean faster and sanitizes the environment that you are cleaning. The CW washers do not create exhaust emissions making them ideal for indoor applications. Unit shuts off automatically if temperature rating is exceeded, protecting pump from heat damage. An optional 185°F and 190°F inlet water temperature rating is available on some models.

High Flow Models:
High flow models, up to 7.4gpm, allows you to save time and get the job done faster. By adding additional wash stations at your facility, multiple operators are able to wash simultaneously giving you the flexibility of cleaning different areas at the same time.

Versatile Portability or Mounting Options:
The CW’s unique design allows you to choose to install a wheel kit for portability or choose to mount unit to the wall in a convenient stationary location with the optional wall mount brackets.

Water-Tight Electrical Enclosure NEMA 4:
ETL certified to UL1776 Class 2, for use in wash-down area, exceeding industry standards. Electrical box features an hour meter and instant access to the electronics.

More Standard Features:
High-efficiency electric motors
Heavy duty hose, wand, trigger gun, and quick connect nozzles.



CW10003E1 1000 3.0 *up to 165 2 115v 1ph 20a
CW20004E2 2000 3.8 *up to 165 5 208/230v – 1ph 24amp
CW30004E2 3000 3.9 *up to 165 8 208/230v – 1ph
CW30004E3 3000 3.6 *up to 165 7.5 208/230v – 3ph
CW30004E4 3000 3.6 *up to 165 7.5 460v 3ph
CW30005E3 3000 4.8 *up to 165 10 208/230v – 3ph 29amp
CW30005E4 3000 4.8 *up to 165 10 460v 3ph 13amp
CW30008E3 3000 7.4 *up to 165 15 208/230v – 3ph
CW30008E4 3000 7.4 *up to 165 15 460v -3ph
CW35006E3 3500 5.6 *up to 165 15 208v/230v – 3ph, 29amp
CW35006E4 3500 5.6 *up to 165 15 460v-3ph

*up to 185F with Hot Seal kis and up to 190F with CAT pump upgrade

Dimensions:  29″l  x 21″w x 15″h