HD Series: Compact, Portable, Electric Powered, Diesel Heated


SpiraLast™ Coil:
The coil is a Hydro Tek manufactured SpiraLast™ heating coil. Robotically fused ½” schedule 80 steel pipe is cold rolled to protect the steel pipe from fatigue and the spiral coil is then surrounded by ceramic insulation and stainless enclosure with double-wall end caps. Ask your dealer about the Lifetime Coil Warranty.

High-Intensity Diesel Burners & Efficient Heating System:
The ultimate balance of power and efficiency. Provides economical operation with consistent superior performance. Auto-ignition adds peace of mind & ease of operation.

Stainless Steel Coil Housing, Frames and Panels:
Not just decorative flashes, these rugged and durable panels offer rustproof protection of your valuable investment from the harshest environments. Remove panel for full access to all major components. HD Direct Drive units have open backside for easy service access.

Fuel Tank with Filtration:
Heavy Duty “roto-molded” rust free fuel tanks with fuel filter to protect against contaminated fuel. Large fuel tanks extend run time and reduce interruptions.

Adjustable Temperature:
Panel mounted adjustable temperature knob with steam setting increases cleaning effectiveness.

More Standard Features:

HD Series Hot Water Pressure Washer Direct Drive Models

Automatic Start-up & Shut-down (applies to HD15002E1-ITS, HD22004E2H, HD27004E2H)
Operator has total control over the system from the trigger gun. This added convenience not only saves time and effort, it reduces wear and overheating of the pump, prevents the pump from running dry and produces an energy efficient system.

Downstream Chemical Injection:
The direct drive models are equipped with downstream chemical injection that can be turned on and off right from the gun – no need for the operator to return to the machine. Chemicals and other additives are introduced after the pump eliminating the risk of pump damage.

HD Series Hot Water Pressure Washer Belt Drive Models

Inlet Chemical Injection:
The belt drive models are equipped with inlet soap injection combined with precision chemical metering valve and float tank to inject soap at full pressure for optimal cleaning effectiveness. Panel mounted controls enable the operator to vary the mixture of soap or other additives with ease. Optional downstream injection available.

Belt Driven Pump:
V-belt drive pump with low RPM drive – cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. EZ Align™ belt tensioning system allows for easy belt adjustment with a single adjustment bolt, no need to reach underneath the washer.

Bypass Cool System:
Pump cooling system utilizes the float tank as a radiator to prevent the pump from overheating in bypass for worry-free operation if the washer is accidently left running.

HD Steamer
The HD35015E1H Steamer reaches temperatures up to 320ºF at a low 350psi for a true wet-steam washer. Includes an insulated open gun, 36” wand, 50’ wire braid combo steam hose, and a steam fan nozzle.

Direct Drive Specifications

HD15002E1 1500 2 250º F 2 115v 1ph 20a
HD15002E1-ITS 1500 2 250º F 2 115v 1ph 20a
HD22004E2H 2200 3.5 250º F 5 280/230 1ph 24a
HD27004E2H 2700 3.5 250º F 6.5 230v 1ph 27a

Steamer Specifications

HD35015E1H 350 1.75 320º F 1.5 115v 1ph 15a

Belt Drive Specifications

HD10003E1G 1000 2.8 250º F 2 115v 1ph 20a
HD20004E2G 2000 3.5 250º F 5 208/230v 1ph 24amp
HD25004E2G 2500 3.6 250º F 6.5 230v 1ph 27amp
HD30003E2G 3000 3.2 250º F 6.5 230v 1ph 27amp
HD30004E2G 3000 3.9 250º F 8 208/230v 1ph 36amp


Specifications may vary.

Dimensions: 17″l x 29″w x 36″h