Adjustable 2 Nozzle Exhaust Hood Swivel 6" #5271

Adjustable 2 Nozzle Exhaust Hood SwivelChicago has the Latest in Best Mosmatic Supplies:

Equipped with hot water rated swivel for industrial grade cleaning assignments, this Mosmatic Adjustable 2 Nozzle Exhaust Hood Swivel 6" is manufactured to assist you with your jobs. This exhaust hood swivel has adjustable nozzle positioning with 2 rotating bars. When properly adjusted, the Mosmatic exhaust hood swivel pulls itself through the ductwork on its on. You can purchase this cleaning product online or visit us in store at our Chicago location in Carol Stream, Illinois. Windy City Cleaning Equipment & Supplies carries this product so you can clean:

If you're not sure what tips are best for you, take the size of the tip you are now using and divide it by two. For instance, if you are actively using a #1506 tip, you will need 2-# SSN8-1503 tips for your swivel. This Mosmatic Adjustable 2 nozzle exhaust hood swivel 6" has arms for spraying at different angles and is the best option when you need to do a 360 degree cleaning job.


Mosmatic Adjustable 2 Nozzle Exhaust Hood Swivel 6" Specs

Temp: 250 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Pressure: 4000 PSI
RPM: Max 2000 RPM
Product ID: 1418


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