Allrounder Surface Cleaner 8" #5223

Mosmatic Allround Surface Cleaner 8When You Buy the FL-AER 200 Recovery Cleaner in our Chicago Store,

Dirt cannot escape. The Mosmatic Allrounder FL-AER 200 8" surface cleaner is perfectly suited for cleaning a number of large surfaces your professional assignments may require you to service. Whether you are responsible for cleaning school buildings or offices, this Mosmatic surface cleaner will help you clean: 
When you visit our Chicago location, you can purchase this cleaner to help you reach hard to clean corners and edges. Thanks to the Mosmatic Allround Surface Cleaner 8" #5223 from Windy City Cleaning Equipment & Supplies, its easy to clean difficult indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs again. Have any questions regarding this Mosmatic surface cleaner? Below are the product specification and features. If, after reading, you need additional information, contact us today! 

Allrounder Surface Cleaner Specs:

  • 9.2lbs
  • KDYF Toggle Swivel
  • 1/8" Nozzles
  • 4000psi
  • 3/8" NPTF inlet
  • 250 degree
  • Product ID: 1404 

Features of the Allround Surface Cleaner:

High-Quality Swivel

Mosmatic surface cleaners are equipped with self lubricating, stainless steel ball bearing, reinforced swivels and a seal system designed to handle high temperatures.


This surface cleaner machine is delivered nearly fully pre-assembled. After opening the box, assemble the fork with the housing, high-pressure pistol, and hose according to the instructions. Then start cleaning surfaces!

Height-Adjustable Housing

Depending on the texture of the surface you're cleaning, the Allrounder has adjustable housing height--not unlike a household vacuum. This gives you the appropriate amount of clearance for most any surface you'll be cleaning.

Recovery Function

Recover and recycle your water with the Allrounder's two-wall housing. This allows you to insert your vacuum into the reclaim port and suck up the water you just used, decreasing drying time and increasing eco-friendliness.

High-Quality Swivel

Any Mosmatic Surface Cleaner is centered around its reinforced, self-lubricating, swivel, with carbide gasket system and stainless steel bearings. Mosmatic swivels increase durability and product life.

PA Castors

Castors with high-quality bearings and sturdy build make for a smooth gliding motion and keep the nozzles flush with the surface. You get an even clean with little fatigue.

Splash Protection

Say goodbye to backsplash and flying particles of loosened gunk. The Allrounder has a plastic splashguard rim with wavy design to increase efficacy and decrease unwanted runoff.

Rotor Arm

The adjustable rotor arm allows the user to change the spray angle and the impact on the surface being cleaned.

Polished Stainless Steel (INOX)

INOX polished stainless steel protects your machine from oxidizing when you're working in the heat of the day around all that water. Stainless steel also adds to the product's lifespan so you don't need to buy a new one every season.


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